The One Show 2014

Production Details

Tigress prides itself on the wildlife films it makes for BBC 1’s ever popular One Show.  As well as Miranda Krestovnikoff  and Mike Dilger,  we’ve been  out and about with bug expert George McGavin,  scientist Marty Jopson, bone man Ben Garrod, wildlife cameramen Richard Taylor Jones and Lindsey McRae, camerawoman Sue Gibson, plus action man Andy Torbet.

Andy’s celebrated the 100th Anniversary of British Cave Diving by plunging into the underwater rivers at Wookey Hole dressed up in all the original gear. He also travelled to the Yorkshire Dales where he abseiled down Britain’s highest unbroken waterfall Fell Beck into one of our largest caves – Gaping Gill.

In a wildlife spectacle Mike travelled to the Basque region of Spain to release a newly fledged Scottish Osprey, in the hope that it would return to breed and form a new population,  whilst  Miranda found herself on the Isle of Wight looking at some rather unusual and exotic birds – European Bee Eaters.

In a new strand – Next Generation,  Richard Taylor Jones and  Oliver Hellowell,  an 18 year old photographer with Down’s Syndrome,  tried to capture a perfect starling murmuration shot on the Somerset Levels, whilst  Bone Expert Ben Garrod was  joined by  12 year old Jake McGowan as they investigated a gorilla skeleton that had  been held in the basement at Bristol Museum since a fire raged through the collection in  World War Two.

Richard Taylor Jones  also went head to head with fellow wildlife film makers Lindsay McCrae and Sue Gibson  as they tried to capture some jaw dropping natural history shots around the UK.

Other highlights included seeing  a rare Superpod of Dolphins visit the Bristol Channel and filming in slow motion the incredible V formation adopted by  Greylag Geese off the back of a truck, with Bird Trainer Lloyd Buck.

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