The One Show 2013

Production Details

Tigress continues to produce high quality wildlife films for BBC1’s early evening flagship programme ‘The One Show’.

This year our wildlife presenters were hunted by a Peregrine Falcon, overrun by ants and went diving around Britain’s very own barrier reef, as they uncovered more magnificent marvels in the UK’s natural world.

Scientist Marty Jopson experimented with the elements as he fired hail stones at glass and witnessed the destructive power of lightning. He saw sound put out fires and helped an artist create a cloud indoors!

Meanwhile wildlife expert Mile Dilger witnessed a leap of faith, as thousands of young Guillemot chicks jumped off the Farne Islands. He also got a DNA sample from a basking shark by using a very long pole with a scouring brush on the end of it. And he went in search of Juniper bushes in Snowdonia with comedian Ed Byrne – who just happens to be a horticulturalist.

Our very own adventure woman Miranda Krestovnikoff snorkelled off the west coast of Wales in search of the elusive Spiny Spider Crabs, encountered swarms of Jellyfish in Cornwall and went diving around a twenty-mile chalk reef off the Norfolk coast.

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