The One Show 2016

Production Details

For the ninth year running Tigress carries on producing high quality wildlife and general factual films for BBC1’s ever popular One Show.  The show still attracts up to 5 million viewers and is regularly in the top ten most watched BBC programmes.

Wildlife presenters Mike Dilger and Miranda Krestovnikoff continued travelling all over the country looking at some of our most spectacular wildlife.  From spotting Minke Whales off the Yorkshire coast, to seeing Kestrels and garden birds feeding side by side, we’ve captured some incredible animal behaviour. For the first time, wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor Jones filmed Kingfisher chicks being driven out of their home by their parents. We were also given exclusive access to see the first wild white storks born in Britain to take to the skies.

Action man Andy Torbet brought adventure to our screen, from being one of  the first people to kayak coast to coast in England, to skydiving from a plane to reach speeds faster than a Peregrine Falcon.

Again we’ve made ground breaking films with Horse Trainer Emma Massingale.  She set out to train two previously unridden Highland ponies across the harsh terrain of the Scottish Highlands, on a 100 mile 10 day trek. A journey that was a lot tougher then she anticipated.

Phil Tufnell asked the question ‘Where were you when England won the World Cup?’ and legendary comic Jasper Carrot revealed the true story behind the real Peaky Blinders.

George McGavin discovered what was causing dogs in Harlow to become ill, and Christine Walkden found one of the oldest Oak’s in Britain.

Alex Riley attended ‘Pugfest’ and investigated if the ‘Five Second Rule’, when food is dropped on the floor and then eaten, is a myth. Meanwhile Angellica Bell found out why texting and driving is so bad, and Anita Rani returned to her home city of Bradford to learn about a  Government policy during the sixties and seventies, that led to Asian children being ‘bussed out’ of their communities to go to school in other areas.


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