The One Show 2015

Production Details

Tigress carries on producing high quality wildlife films for BBC1’s ever popular One Show, and this year we’ve branched out into more Specialist and General Factual inserts.  The show still attracts up to 5 million viewers and is regularly in the top ten most watched BBC programmes.

Mike Dilger and Miranda Krestovnikoff have travelled all over the country looking at some of our most spectacular wildlife.  We’ve filmed everything from a rare family of weasels, to a Blue Shark attracted to Heavy Metal Music, and we’ve captured some incredible animal behaviour.

Andy Torbet continues to bring adventure to our screen, from throwing himself into a rip tide to rescuing a wild baby seal stuck deep inside a tidal cave.

Introducing Adam McIntosh in a new gem hunter strand, we’ve followed him collecting rare gem stones from the beaches of Devon, to the wilds of Scotland, and seen the process through to the finished product. From ear rings, to whisky hip flasks, we’ve seen Adam create beautiful pieces from the incredible gems that lie within the British Isles.

We made two ground breaking films with Horse Trainer Emma Massingale.  She set out to train two previously unridden horses in less than a month on a remote Island off Ireland, plus be self-sufficient with food. The aim was to film herself, and be self-reliant, and at the end of it have two ridden horses… she did it, and we were with her every step of the way.

Other highlight included 24 hours in the life of a skip, following a worldwide graffiti project called Free Art Friday and working out the best way to beat the Bank Holiday Rush.

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