Nature Shock/Wild Season 2

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In 2001 biologists in Australia’s island state of Tasmania found that the Tasmanian Devil, an iconic species unique to Tasmania, was afflicted with a new, fatal kind of cancer.  But how could thousands of Tasmanian Devils have the same cancer at the same time?

On a remote Canadian island, an American sports hunter shoots what he believes is a polar bear. But is it?  The killing unleashes an investigation by the Canadian authorities. The hunter is under threat of prosecution for a crime he says he didn’t commit. With each new discovery the mystery deepens as they try to discover the exact species of this animal…

On the Southern tip of Taiwan a dead sperm whale weighing 56 tons is being transported on the back of a lorry. But at 6.30am the journey turns into a disaster. As the city wakes, it is greeted by an enormous explosion – intestines, blubber and blood blow out of the whale with the force of a bomb. What could have caused this unprecedented explosion?

Tanzanians are under siege from a plague of man-eating lions – it has the world’s largest lion population but until recently attacks were far and few between.  All of that has changed.  Over six hundred people have been killed in the last fifteen years in the South East of the country. How and why is lion behaviour changing to targeting human beings as a prey source?

More tales of intrigue from the natural world.

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