Nature Shock 5

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In South India guards uncover a shocking series of elephant corpses. Why they’re dying is a mystery. Alarmingly, investigators say a serial killer is at work – an unprecedented verdict. Yet some scientists think they’ve underestimated the crisis and the truth is more shocking than was feared.

In 2011 a shocking discovery in Tanzania leaves lion experts baffled. Lions are risking death to attack colossal giraffes, 6 times their own size. Have the lions in Selous become specialist killers? And what does the future hold for the giraffes?

A series of explosive fires are ravaging pig farms across North America, leaving a wake of destruction and burning thousands of hogs alive. But how can they be stopped and who or what is to blame? Could it be arson? Are the farmers guilty or is there a far more sinister explanation? Nature Shock investigates.

In 2006 a mysterious gang of female Blacktip sharks took over a reef off the coast of South Africa chasing out larger sharks, stealing fishermen’s catch and harassing divers. What brought these Blacktip bandits to these waters and what’s keeping them here?

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