Nature Shock/Wild Season 1

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The psychological effects of war are no longer just a human condition.  Africa is cultivating gangs of juvenile delinquents, wreaking havoc in the wild. 30 years of poaching and conservation management is beginning to backfire, resulting in ‘abnormal’ violent behavior in African elephants. In Kenya, elephants are targeting and killing Masai tribe’s cattle. In South Africa, 58 rhinos are killed in a single park over just two years. And in Western Uganda a village is suffering indiscriminate and violent attacks by local elephants – where, previously they had roamed peacefully. What is provoking Africa’s gentle giant to these violent outbursts?

Lake Griffin, Florida. A killer is on the loose, targeting the state’s oldest inhabitants. A fifteen-foot-long, four-hundred-pound American Alligator staggers towards the edge of a lake. Enveloped by the heavy mist, disoriented, it disappears into the rancid green waters.  Some thrash at the surface.  Dozens swim round and round in circles while others clamber out of the lake dragging their back legs behind them.  Still more float belly up, unable to right themselves. The unmistakable stench of death fills the air. A crack team of leading experts and scientists is hastily assembled but none of them are prepared for what lies ahead.

In the heart of the American West the bodies of four Black Bears are discovered.  Macabre scenes of severed heads, disarticulated remains and dismembered bodies turned inside-out.  The investigation that follows these chilling discoveries changes the way Yellowstone bears are viewed forever.

In Monterey Bay, California, a Gray Whale and her calf are locked in mortal combat with a super-aggressive gang of Killer whales. “Whale Attack” investigates a spate of gruesome killings that rocked a small community and reveals a chilling warning of global significance.

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