Canada: A Year In The Wild

Canada: A Year In The Wild
The new series of A Year In The Wild starts Thursday October 4th on Channel 5 at 8pm.

Canada is the second largest country on Earth, and the quintessential wilderness. Vast, dangerous and magnificent; it’s a land of towering mountains, endless forests, untamed rivers, enchanting lakes, and an awe-inspiring frozen north.

To survive a wild Canadian year here animals have to be tough, and Canada has some of the toughest. Industrious beavers have mastered control of its myriad waterways, whilst moose – the word’s largest deer  – eke an existence in dark, forbidding forests where very few other animals survive.

From polar bears, the largest predators to walk on land, to tiny frogs that can survive all winter frozen solid – every animal here has a remarkable story to tell.

Both epic in scale and intimate in detail: CANADA – A YEAR IN THE WILD charts the trials and tribulations of Canadian wildlife as the Earth completes its annual journey around the sun. Every season brings new challenges and animals must battle each other, and the elements, just to stay alive.