Monty Halls’ Dive Mysteries

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`Most of the world’s great unsolved mysteries are covered by water!’ On that tantalising note, Monty Halls explores four stories that have baffled the diving world.

How did an American schooner vanish for over 100 years – and why, when she was found – was she sitting virtually intact in 60 metres of water, with lifeboat still attached and no sign of her crew?

How has Egypt’s supposedly cursed Blue Hole claimed up to 100 lives, gaining a reputation as the most dangerous dive site on earth?

Did an ancient civilisation create the strange, now flooded rock formations off a remote Japanese island? And if so, how long ago?

And does a 100 metre deep sink-hole in the Namibian desert hold £50 million abandoned by the routed German Army in the First World War.

Monty travels to the most stunning and mysterious underwater locations on earth, meeting sceptics and believers, diving at the cutting edge of technology, to tease the truth out of ghost ships, sunken worlds, ancient legends and lost treasure.

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