Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild

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Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild

The Dales and North York Moors National Parks cover 1400 square miles of wild and rugged Northern England.  Separated by only 20 miles, they create a swath of wild Yorkshire stretching virtually from the east coast to the west.  Home to some of the UK’s most spectacular wildlife.

Every year the two parks attract over twenty million visitors…but few get to see what is really going on.  Off the beaten track…far from human gaze. Dramatic waterfalls, stunning moorland, wildflower meadows and breath-taking coastline are the back drop for a vast array of wildlife, each with their own unique survival strategy.   Each episode documents a different season and reveals secret stories about the wildlife and how their lives weave together in these unique parks.

Dedicated wildlife camerapeople using high-speed HD Red cameras record the lives of the animals in their full glory.  Remote cameras allow us to film inside nests.  Macro lenses reveal the hidden world of insects.  Drones, cranes and tracking time-lapses help reveal this truly magnificent landscape.

Narrated by Sean Bean.

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