Marooned with Ed Stafford

Production Details

In this brand new, epic series exclusive to Discovery Channel, adventurer and survivalist Ed Stafford is back, pushing his survival skills to the limit in MAROONED WITH ED STAFFORD.

Stranded for 10 days in a different remote location each episode Ed is left high and dry with nothing but his video equipment in some of the most challenging and extreme environments this planet has to offer. On the back of his incredible 860 day jungle trek which featured in Discovery Channel series WALKING THE AMAZON, and 60 days spent alone with just a camera on a desert island for NAKED AND MAROONED Ed throws himself into new remote and hostile environments in this all-new series.

Ed is completely exposed as he attempts to survive alone with nothing: no food, no water, not even a knife. He must prove that he can overcome the dangers of each environment with only his camera to keep him company. Ed’s mission is not simply to survive, but to thrive in some of the world’s toughest environments. Shot in the mysterious Gran Sabana Mountains of Venezuela, the dangerous Okavango Delta in Botswana, the harsh Carpathian Mountains in Romania, the unforgiving coast of Western Australia and the humid jungles of Borneo in Brunei – each location presents a unique and deadly test which could kill Ed within hours.

Ed has just 10 days to show he can succeed against the odds in any environment with nothing but his bare hands. If not he will suffer the consequences of everything Mother Nature has to throw at him. MAROONED WITH ED STAFFORD sees Ed go to extreme lengths to endure the most hostile of environments, and then he pushes himself a step further to see if he can grow comfortable with and flourish in these remote corners of the world.

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