John Bishop’s Gorilla Adventure

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John Bishop encounters Mountain Gorillas and discovers they and his family have more in common than he ever imagined. Filming in the forests of Rwanda for John Bishop’s Gorilla Adventure, the comedian realises adolescent male Mountain Gorillas are just like his teenage sons – bulging muscles but no sense.  Plus they fart, flirt and pick their noses.

John joins the Gorilla Doctors, a group of vets who have dedicated their lives to saving the 880 Mountain Gorillas left in the wild.  But, as John discovers, the vets’ work is paying off; the gorilla numbers are increasing, but only through the constant vigilance of the Gorilla Doctors and a concerted conservation effort.

The vets trek for hours every day through mud and rain to monitor the health of each gorilla and treat them at the first sign of illness or injury.  It’s difficult, dangerous work as John experiences when a huge Silverback male threatens the team as they try to treat a baby gorilla.  But, it’s also deeply rewarding.  One of the great success stories is a four-year-old gorilla that John and the team manage to track down in the dense undergrowth.  At just three days old, the vets had to amputate the bottom part of his left leg in a forest operation and he’s not only survived but is on track to become a full grown Silverback.

“The commitment of the Gorilla Doctors is incredibly inspiring” says John.  “And when you are so close to these beautiful animals, it is humbling to see how this commitment is saving such an iconic beautiful creature.”

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