Alone in the Wild

Production Details

An adventurer heads into the wilderness with a knife, a shotgun, a cooking pot and the clothes he stands up in. Three months later he’s reporting his story as it unfolds live on TV. Ed Wardle is going back to the wild because he’s sick of modern life and believes the wilderness is where we evolved and where we’re really meant to live.

For the first time ever, viewers will be able to experience a groundbreaking experiment into human behaviour as it happens, live on TV and online.

At the start of July, Ed will be flown deep into the wilds of the Yukon in northern Canada where he’ll spend the next three months attempting to survive with only what he can carry on his back. He’ll have no contact with anybody the whole time and he’ll be just another part of the food chain as hungry Black and Grizzly Bears stalk him. He’ll film himself on a variety of different cameras and send weekly rushes back to the UK for immediate editing. In September, we go live to Ed’s camp in the wilderness where he explains who he is and how he’s been living wild for 10 weeks.

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