Alone in the Wild – Celebrity Version

Production Details

This brand-new six-part series sees eight well-known personalities surviving in some of the planet’s most perilous and remote locations.

Left completely alone with no support team or crew, each personality is armed with just a handheld camera to film their struggle to find water, food and shelter, as they are forced to confront their innermost fears.

Cricket legend and ultimate team player Freddie Flintoff enters the plains of Botswana, home to lion, leopard and cheetah. Also in Botswana, British Winter Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams pairs up with Tanya Streeter, renowned for her incredible feat of diving to a world record depth of 160 metres.

Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner leaves the showbiz world behind and heads to a remote island in Belize, where avoiding dehydration, hunting for food and finding adequate shelter are among the many challenges he faces. Aron Ralston also faces solitude on a desert island for 127 hours, the exact amount of time he spent trapped in a crevice before amputating his own arm in an incredible story of survival that was later turned into an Oscar-nominated film.

Comedian Joe Pasquale takes to the rainforests of Guyana to confront both mental solitude and the potential physical threats from jaguars, insects and poisonous plants. Former SAS trooper and bestselling-author Chris Ryan joins up with investigative reported and TV presenter Donal MacIntyre, also in the South American jungle.

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