Who’s Aping Who?

Production Details

Stunning new findings have revealed that we are more like Great Apes than we have ever imagined. Not only do they miss their family, talk about what happens after death, learn to use the internet and lie about their past, but they also share jokes at the expense of their keepers. In this 3-part series, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees themselves will transform the way we think not only about them, but also about our own nature.

The first program is primarily about Chimpanzees and Ape intelligence. Chimpanzee ‘Al’ has been taught sign language and can string together sentences. In September she will give birth to her first baby. Will she teach her newborn sign language as has been witnessed before? Program two is about the sex lives of the Great Apes and reveals that we have a close ally in our search for casual sex.

The final program is primarily about Gorillas and emotion and will show the image change of these massive apes from King Kong to hairy philosopher. We also follow a group of ex-crack addicted chimpanzees as they get their first taste of freedom and feel of grass at a very special sanctuary.