Medical Mysteries

Production Details

The human body is complex and when things go wrong we turn to the medical profession for help.  Unfortunately Doctors don’t always have the answers. In Europe alone, 30 million people have a rare disease, with 40 per cent undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

MEDICAL MYSTERIES is an exciting new series that looks at the UK’s most extreme and hard to diagnose cases- patients whose abnormal anatomy or strange symptoms baffle experts.

We’ll meet perplexed patients who have no idea what is happening inside their own bizarre bodies.  How does a person cope when they constantly feel dizzy or their face swells so much it looks like they have been beaten?

Each episode features three stories, which perplex doctors and patients. We observationally film the patients as they meet specialists, undergo tests and operations in a desperate attempt to unravel the cause of their illness and hopefully begin to discover a cure.

Full of heart, emotion and natural drama, our cameras capture every twist and turn as the stories unfold